Global Trends in Anti-Semitism

Came across this interesting map showing anti-Semitism trends in various countries around the world.

Some interesting excerpts:

The three countries, outside the Middle East and North Africa, with the highest anti-Semitism Index Scores are Greece (69%), Malaysia (61%) and Armenia (58%).

To me Greece, with its resurgence of far right wing extremism, is not a big surprise. Not sure why Armenia, though.


The three countries with the lowest anti-Semitism Index Scores are Laos (0.2%), the Philippines (3%) and Sweden (4%).

Well, Sweden tends to look good on just about ANY list I see. But Laos and Philippines surprise me.


The Middle Eastern country with the lowest anti-Semitism Index Score is Iran (56%).

I should note that the wonderful US “ally” Saudi Arabia has a FAR higher anti-Semitism score than Iran. Even Turkey, which I found quite friendly towards Jews, has is more anti-Semitic than Iran.

I should note that France is more anti-Semitic than Germany or even Russia.

74% of respondents have never met a Jewish person.

And a frightening statistic:

Less than half of those surveyed under the age of 35 have ever heard of the Holocaust.

More factoids here.

Compare countries here.



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